Pool Opening Checklist

Spring is here and now is the time to start thinking about opening your pool. The Water Hole will test your water free of charge and recommend what needs to be done to clear up your pool as quickly as possible. Follow the checklist below and bring in your water sample for further recommendations.

Spring Opening- Chlorine

  • Change filter sand if needed- (every 2-3 yrs.)
  • or
  • Chemically clean filter sand
  • Connect hoses and equipment- filter and pump
  • Fill water to above skimmer
  • Brush debris off of pool cover
  • Remove Cover-(avoid dumping cover into pool)
  • Remove debris from bottom of pool- net, brush & vacuum

Chemicals for pools 15,000 gal. or under- *Wait 30 min. between ea. dose of different chemicals*

  • Add 4 lbs. Alkalinity Increaser
  • Add 3 lbs. PH Decreaser
  • Add 16 oz. Algaecide
  • Add 2 lbs. Calcium Hypo-Chlorite Shock (dissolved in water)
  • Start sticks or tablets in skimmer or floater

Let run for 24 hrs. and bring in a water sample, to determine any adjustments needed


Having difficulty with maintaining your pool? Leave a comment below and we will respond promptly.