532 L


Seats 3

32 Jets

1- 6.0 BHP Pump- 2 Speed

250 Gallons

feature-jetsStainless Steel Jets
Elegant, glimmering accent and corrosion resistant.


plumbingConstruction and Plumbing
The Garden spa’s leak-resistant plumbing is comprised of superior high-quality flexpipe and hoses.


Digital Control System with LCD Display
The dashboard layout of the spa controls makes it easy for users to control the spa while bathing.


kingwood-cab-02Kingwood Cabinetry
Our synthetic Kingwood spa cabinets are lighter in weight than wood and also more resilient and durable.


standardcoverStandard Spa Cover
The ASTM Deluxe safety cover adds insulation value and protects your spa. Relax, safe in the knowledge that your spa is being kept safe and insulated.

ArcticPac Insulation System with ABS BottomArcticPac Insulation
This double-layered insulation system features a reflective sheet of bubble-foil lining on the inside of the cabinet, combined with a coat of Icynene.™

35filter02Filtration removes contaminants such as dirt, metals and oil as water passes through a microporus membrane. Larger particles are trapped in the upper layer and smaller particles, in the 1-5 micron size, are trapped in the lower part of the composite. The pleated filter has exceptional dirt-holding capacity and low pressure drop. It retains its shape and is excellent for water filtration. The polyester construction resists most chemicals.

toprailThe beautiful LED lighting system illuminates the texture and detail of the spa’s interior. This LED light system can be set on one favorite color, or the colors can slowly fade from one to the other, creating a truly spectacular light show. With the standard LED lighting systems on Deluxe models, the Pillowfall is infused with LED light.

pillowfall_deluxePillowfalls provide a constantly available source of visual and auditory tranquility. Water pours from the spa pillow, creating a soothing waterfall with all its tranquil effects. Simply enjoy the serene sound of the falling water or nestle under and feel the warm water sweep down your neck and back. Plus, with the standard LED lighting systems on Deluxe models, the Pillowfall is infused with LED light.

full-foam02Full Foam Energy Efficient Package*
Full foam insulation is used between the cabinet and the shell for optimum heat retention.


The Ozonator provides an additional water treatment that requires fewer harsh chemicals and purifies water faster than chlorine.

CrystalAOPAOP™ Water Purifier
Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) combines UV Sterilization with Ozone to create purification for clean and clear spa water.

frog@easeFROG® @ease™ In-line System combines patented SmartChlor™ technology and Fresh Mineral Water™. This self-regulating system makes water management easy.

toprailUpgrade the lighting in your South Seas Spa with the Multicolor 10 LED system or DynaStar LED systems.
1) Multicolor 10 LED (Standard Model Only)
2) DynaStar LED: (1) 3.5 in., (3) 2 in. LED Lights,
Top Rail Lighting (N/A on 617/627C, 627M, 519P, 726/743D,735B/L)

2014stereo_leftWith your own South Seas Spa in your backyard, total escape is within reach every day. A stereo system is a perfect addition to complete your luxurious retreat. Not available on the 617C, 627C, 627M, 519P, 521L, or 532L.1) Bluetooth® Music Experience Bluetooth® Receiver, AM/FM, USB, Aux-in, (4) Speakers, Subwoofer (2) Aux Input Media Locker 3.5mm input for MP3 devices, (4) Speakers, Subwoofer -Optional (2) 3 in. Patio Speakers.

  • Parts & Labor on Plumbing & Electrical – 3 year
  • Surface – 3 year
  • Cabinet – 1 year
  • Lifetime on Structure